Monday, May 10, 2010

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Prior to Mother's Day, I gave my mum several different dessert choices including some of her favorite flavors - lemon, cheesecakes, meringues with berries and a few different rhubarb desserts. She chose the rhubarb upside down cake and it's good timing with rhubarb being in season right now. I do have some rhubarb growing at our place, but her rhubarb plants are much more mature. She brought down a few pounds of rhubarb last week and I returned the favor with a rhubarb cake for Mother's Day.
I measured out a little over a pound of nice red rhubarb as I needed about a pound of rhubarb for the recipe after it was trimmed and cut.

I tossed the rhubarb with sugar to get its juices flowing and made a crumb topping with butter, flour and sugar.

Little cubes of butter went in the bottom of the cake pan for the rhubarb to cook in and the rhubarb-sugar mixture went in amongst the butter.
The cake batter was easy to make and was a nice thick and creamy batter that included sour cream, which added a little bite to the flavor of the cake. It also had some fresh orange juice (only a tablespoon) and a little orange zest that gave it such a fresh flavor.
The batter went in the cake pan on top of the rhubarb and the crumb topping was sprinkled on top.

After an hour in the oven, we had a perfectly cooked cake with a crunchy crumb topping (which actually ends up on the bottom).

Here is the cake with the right side up and the soft cooked rhubarb on top.

The cake was so nice and moist and it would be flavorful enough on its own. But, with an English mum, I just had to make custard sauce to pour on top. We enjoyed the cake with juicy sweet rhubarb, dense flavorful cake, crunch from the crumb topping on the bottom and drenched in warm custard. Mum loved it and I sent a few extra pieces home with her.

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