Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Local Dessert Tasting

We have had the opportunity to try a few desserts at some local restaurants this past weekend and they were so interesting and yummy that I had to write about them. The first one was at a restaurant that our friend's own and they were sweet enough to invite us with them for dinner there last Friday. The Filling Station is a diner style restaurant with amazing homemade food. They told us we HAD to try this particular dessert and we were definitely surprised at how great it tasted...especially since it's a fried Twinkie! We both commented that we couldn't remember the last time we had eaten a Twinkie. In fact, they never really were a favorite of mine. But, this one was fried and then covered with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and served along with chocolate dipping sauce. Yum!

The next day, we went on a date for Sean's birthday and went to Corez in East Hills for drinks and dinner. Our waitress highly recommended the ice cream sandwich for dessert as they make the cookie and ice cream in house. First of all, it was huge! We each had half and it came with an amazing caramel dipping sauce. The caramel sauce could have been a bit thicker to stick to it better, but it tasted great. What a whimsical yet gourmet dessert!

Not that this wasn't enough, but we went to The Green Well immediately after for a few more drinks and when I told the bartender it was Sean's birthday, we were told we could get dessert for free. Why would we pass this up? Pure indulgence that night - two desserts! We went with the warm brownie served with vanilla gelato, caramel sauce, fresh raspberries and candied walnuts. Ok, that's enough...until birthday cake the next day.

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