Sunday, July 6, 2014

Peach Sorbet


I used to have an ice cream machine that I ended up giving away when I downsized homes. So, when I found this incredibly simple recipe for peach sorbet in a Martha Stewart Living magazine, I thought I would try it. 

We escaped from DC to the country and enjoyed an amazing day picking peaches at a farm in Northern Virginia.

The peaches were gorgeous and it was such a beautiful summer day to roam around the orchard. 

Miss A loved helping us spot the perfect peaches and climbing up on the ladder to see if she could reach. 

It was fun picking peaches, but even more fun to relax in a nearby vineyard with a glass of wine and a fresh peach.

We ended up with a few pecks of peaches and used some of them to make the sorbet.  Pretty easy - slice the peaches, freeze them and then puree and you're done. I let it freeze more later, but we enjoyed it nice and spoonable with fresh cream.