Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rhubarb - Two More Ways

With plentiful spring rhubarb from our gardens, we've made two more rhubarb desserts in addition to the rhubarb upside down cake that I made for Mother's Day. I had extra fresh rhubarb that my mum had brought to me and I decided to try making some rhubarb bars to take to my sister. They were easy to make and were quite like a coffee cake that is traditionally made with a brown sugar crumb topping or sometimes with fruit, like blueberries. This was all rhubarb and while it wasn't my favorite creation or even my choice use of rhubarb, it was a good way to use the extra and turned out quite tasty.
The recipe indicated using butter and parchment for the pan and leaving a few inches of extra parchment on either side to end up with handles to take the bars out of the pan after baking. This was a great idea, but we'll see if it works.
I made a simple crumb topping with butter and blended it with a pastry cutter.
I weighed out my rhubarb and this was mixed with flour and sugar.
I simply forgot to capture anything about the cake batter, but there was indeed a cake batter that went first in the pan, the rhubarb mixture was next and then the crumb topping was sprinkled on top.

The topping was golden and crispy when it came out of the oven.

The handles worked! I lifted the entire pan out to set down and cut the bars. We all thought they tasted good, but could have used even more rhubarb as there was a lot of the crumb topping on them.
Since my sister also had a lot of rhubarb in her garden, she decided to try another rhubarb dessert while we visited. She made these yummy rhubarb custards. They turned out very good and reminded me of the rhubarb custard pie that my mum has always made. Ok, that's enough rhubarb for a while!

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