Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Linzer Cookies

I wanted to make something special for Valentine's day and have always wanted to try making Linzer cookies. I used what I think was a traditional recipe including almonds in the dough.  Some of the recipes called for hazelnuts and some called for almonds. I started with hazelnuts and after burning them all when I was just trying to "toast" them, I resorted to using almonds, which I much prefer anyway.

The Joy of Baking site has a good overview of the history of Linzer cookies and a video tutorial on how to make them.

They didn't turn out as picture perfect as I would like, but they were lovely buttery cookies with raspberry jam inside and a sprinkling of powdered sugar that made for a sweet valentine treat. Next time I'd like to try making them with cutters that have a fluted edge.

My little miss A helped to put a spoonful of jam on the bottom cookie for me to spread and make the little heart sandwiches.  She was excited for when we were done to be awarded a cookie to test!

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