Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cherry, Coconut and Pecan Granola

I enjoy following the Tartelette blog and she shared this granola recipe several months ago.  Since then, I haven't made any other kind of granola and I certainly do not buy it in the store any longer.  It includes some of my favorite things - coconut, dried cherries and pecans.  I enjoy having it with plain or vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit on top.  Little Miss A enjoys eating it just like cereal with milk. Either way, it's delicious.

The mixture you cook to make it all stick together smells SO yummy when you're cooking it.  It includes maple syrup and reminds me of the times with my family making maple syrup growing up.

You mix in the warm maple syrup and sugar mixture with the oat mixture and let it bake.

I always stir it several times while it's baking to make sure it's all cooked and dry. I prefer not to have the granola sticky and chewy.  Then, you add in the dried cherries.

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