Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Cake Pops

I've baked a lot of cakes and cupcakes, but I hadn't yet tackled cake pops. They are all the craze and now every Starbucks offers them in three flavors. I'm an avid follower of the Bakerella blog (I know, I wish I'd claimed that name first) and recently bought her Cake Pop book.  For my first try, I made these Easter cake pops and have to say that they tasted fantastic.

It does take some time, but they are really quite easy to make. You basically crumble up a cake and add the appropriate amount of buttercream frosting to make what seems like a cookie dough texture to form into the cake pop shape of your choice.  I chose eggs. Add a stick and it's a pop!

I made some oval ones to attempt decorating like eggs and some round ones because, well, that was an easier shape to do.  It took me a few times, but I started to get the hang of how to dip them in the chocolate coating. I definitely wasn't freezing or chilling them in between dipping in the chocolate and that certainly would have helped.

I think it was a fantastic idea for how to decorate the "eggs."  You used a small brush with corn syrup to put on the frosted egg and add your sugar or sprinkles.

This was way too many cake pops to have at home, so I placed them in a little Easter basket to deliver to the office.

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