Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sugar Cupcakery

My little brother, big sister and I happened to be together this past weekend and my sister has been wanting to take me to this cupcake shop, so we had a little sibling outing to sample cupcakes at Sugar Cupcakery near Cincinnati, OH.

They've been open less than a year, but I was especially intrigued as my sister let me know that they were actually going to be on the first episode of Food Network's new show, Cupcake Wars (which I have to admit I am now addicted to).

The shop has a beautiful location amongst several antique shops and other eateries. Their cafe is full of space for people to sit and enjoy their cupcake and has a nice modern decor. They even have this room available for people to rent for events. I can imagine a gorgeous cupcake bridal shower or baby shower!

They have several different cupcake options and boast using the best organic ingredients. They also offer vegan cupcakes. However, this is ALL they have - just cupcakes and no other options whatsoever. Hopefully people in Milford and Cincinnati area are hungry for cupcakes! The cupcake options were nice, but nothing out of this world. I think they look quite pretty, but I thought their piping looked a little broken and sloppy (which they commented on Cupcake Wars).

When you chose your cupcake flavors, they set them on a tray before plating or boxing them.

We decided to relax and sample our cupcakes there. We tried the strawberry, coconut lime (my favorite), chocolate truffle and vanilla bean along with a nice hot cup of coffee. I loved their big coffee mugs and their logo with the frosting swirl and outline of the cupcake paper is adorable.

Of course, we had to get some to go for the kids and the guys watching the kids. They did a nice job of boxing the cupcakes so they looked like a pretty present.

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