Sunday, January 31, 2010

Candy Thermometer Tip

My sister and I always like to tackle some cooking or baking challenge each time we get together. On my recent visit to see her in Cincinnati we focused on baking and also made candy for the first time. She was a bit frustrated with her candy thermometer (especially after she realized it didn't work correctly). After burning a batch of the candy, we tested it in water and the temperature was not registering correctly. She also wanted to get it to sit correctly in the pot. The handy clips they put on them don't always position it correctly and she ended up having to use her meat thermometer (which doesn't have a clip) after realizing the candy thermometer was a lemon. We found a handy tip online to place a whisk on top of the pot and put the thermometer needle through it to place it in the liquid. Very handy! We made another batch of the candy and it turned out just that we were using a thermometer that was working! See the next post for the candy we made.

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